Healthy eating

Safely living people portal allows you to gain knowledge about healthy nutrition. We realize that one of the greatest threats to the human diet is a wrong one, because it is the cause of numerous diseases and conditions. For this reason, we present the articles developed by doctors and nutritionists, from which you can learn how to arrange proper menu.


Texts available on our website explain what role specific nutrients play in the human body. We draw attention to the fact that there is demand for each of them, and also how it varies, depending for example on age or health status. On our side there was also information about the occurrence of important nutrient for humans and the factors that may influence their low digestibility. What’s more, we pass on knowledge about the ingredients used in food products which are hazardous to human health. At the same time we explain why you should reach for organic products.


In the section devoted to a healthy diet you also can not miss the recipes for tasty and healthy dishes. These include, for example, those that allow the cook a meal within 15 minutes. Beside each recipe contains information about the nutrients they provide each serving of the food. You can also find recipes for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics and those on a gluten-free diet.