Safety training

Safely living people portal is a website designed for all those who want to fully take care of himself, and therefore are determined, inter alia, on the sport. We realize that physical activity is not uncommon for trauma and injuries, which is why we are trying to deliver knowledge, which will help to avoid this type of situation.


Special attention is paid to proper preparation for training, because associated with this neglects are the most common cause of problems. We explain how it should look a good warm-up, without which it is better not to start any sports training. It also highlights the sporty outfit, which will help reduce the risk of injury. Within the articles you can find out also that, what are other causes of accidents during training and how to proceed in such situations. Here primarily are presentes those related to first aid in case of injury and injuries. We explain what action is appropriate and what not to take, so as not to worsen the condition of the victim. Also we advise how to ensure themselves a chance at a faster return to full health. In our articles are also information on contraindications to practice some sports. Physical activity is in fact very important, but we must not forget that in the case of certain ailments it is necessary to exercise deliberate choice to avoid the deterioration of health.