Road safety

A person who wants to ensure self-safety must remember, inter alia, about a propper behaviour on the road. Safely living people portal is a place where you can learn how to reduce the existing risks in such a place, both in the case of traveling by car or while using the road as a person walking.

Particular attention is paid to these issues, which are still ignored by large sections of society. Therefore, we try to explain the important role of reflective elements which should be used by all pedestrians and cyclists. People moving through the streets by bike also recalls the principles which should be followed in order not to endanger themselves and other road users.


On our website there is also a lot of articles aimed at drivers. We aim to realize those engaged in motor vehicles, how dangerous it is exceeding the speed limit as low as 10 kilometers. In order to achieve the intended results have included in the service pictures that show the effects of accidents that have occurred in such circumstances. We also present photographs taken at the scenes of accidents that are caused by drunk drivers.


The section on road safety also includes information on first aid to the victims of the accident. Doing the right thing may indeed save health and even life of a wounded man.