Security of personal data

Personal information is information about an individual who, in accordance with the Act of 1997 are protected. Meanwhile, every day, many people are discovering that their data for unknown reasons, are known for certain individuals, businesses or institutions. Safely living people portal is a place where you can find information explaining how to handle that personal data will not find their way into the wrong hands.

Particular attention is paid to the activity on the Internet. It is in the network where the most often unconscious transfer of the right to dispose of such data. Many people are willing to participate in online contests and unhesitatingly accept their rules of procedure. Meanwhile, in such regulations often include a clause, which means consent to the processing of personal data by the organizer of the competition, and even to transfer them to other parties. Similar situations occur in case of competitions organized outside the network. For this reason, we reminded of how important is an accurate reading of all agreements and regulations before they are accepted.

Serious problems can also cause loss of documents. Therefore we clarify how to proceed in such a situation to ensure safety. On our site there are also information about appropriate behavior in the event of discovery of the fact that personal data went to undesirable persons or companies. We remind that according to Polish law, a man who gave his consent to the processing of their data have the right to their improvement and to withdraw the permission.